A Comprehensive Flight Management System

Flight-Sheets.com is a unique cloud-based software solution for co-ordinating flight instructor, student and aircraft scheduling and flight training operations, and for tracking daily flight activity.

System modules include:

  • Flight Bookings: book aircraft, instructors, and other resources using any internet-connected web browser.
  • Flight Sheets: reduce administrative workload, improve the efficiency of signouts and flight tracking as well as the speed and accuracy of flight reporting with this CARS- and FAR-compliant flight dispatch system.
  • Point of Sale: easy point-and-click functionality for flight billings, product and inventory management, and account tracking.

Fully Responsive

The system looks good no matter what device you use: desktops, tables, or Smart Phones. There are also companion mobile apps available for iPhone and Android.


Flight Bookings

Purpose-built to meet the specific scheduling, management and reporting needs of flight training operations.

Daily Flight Sheets

Designed to reflect and reinforce the information capture and flight authorization processes currently used with traditional paper-based daily flying records.

Point of Sale

Invoice for flights and other inventory items (charts, books, pilot accessories, etc) with the fully integrated Point of Sale system.

Pilot Training Record

Track student flights, briefings, and ground-school progress with the fully integrated Pilot Training Record.


Dispatchers, Instructors and Students / Renters can generate a variety of Flight Booking, Daily and Historical Flight, and Management reports.

Other Systems

Connect Flight-Sheets to your financial, point-of-sale, maintenance and other systems through a series of industry-standard REST, XML or JSON APIs.

24/7 Web Support

Support is available via the web 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, through the Support link found at the bottom of every page of the Reservation System.

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Simple Low-Cost Pricing

A small fee is incurred with each Instructor or Aircraft booked (and is removed if the resource is cancelled) - fees are only incurred when resources are booked.

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MobileSheets, the Companion App to Flight-Sheets

From your smart phone, you can:

  • Manage your Instructor and Aircraft Bookings
  • Check NOTAMs and Weather
  • Enter flight and air times with the Electronic Hobbs Board
  • Access aircraft information and electronic checklists
  • Get post-flight reminders (Did you close your flight plan?)
  • Bookings
  • NOTAMs
  • Flight Times
  • Weather
  • Aircraft

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there minimum costs to the system?

No. There are maximum monthly costs that you can never exceed even in your busiest months (based on the total number of aircraft and instructors you have), but there are no minimum costs. If you have a month where you don't use the system at all, your monthly bill will be 0.

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Do the Daily Flight Sheet or Point of Sale modules cost extra?

No. When you sign up to use Flight-Sheets, you get access to all system modules at no additional cost.

Can I have a satellite base?

Yes. Flight-Sheets.com allows you to share aircraft and instructors between separate bases of operation.

How long does it take to set up?

From the time you send us the information we need to set you up, we can usually have your site live within 2-3 business days.

What restrictions do you put on the 60-day trial?

None - it is a fully functioning system: that's the only way you can tell if Flight-Sheets is right for you. It also allows you to set the system up as you like it, with no fear that any work you put into it (adding Instructors, Aircraft or Clients) will be lost after 60 days.

How reliable is it?

Very. The system is hosted by a (Canadian) Internet Service Provider running state-of-the-art redundant networks and servers. Additionally, the entire system is backed up daily, so if you happen to need historical information from years back, we can accomodate.

More questions?

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Fully Functional Demonstration

The best way to see all the features and functions of the Flight-Sheets flight reservation system is to try it out yourself.

  • The Flight Booking Demonstration System is a fully operational version of Flight-Sheets (log in using any Client ID from 1 to 10 and a password of password).
  • The Electronic Daily Flight Sheets Demonstration System is a fully operational version of the Electronic Daily Flight Sheets portion of Flight-Sheets (log in as an Administrator/Dispatcher or as an Instructor and a password of password).
  • The Point of Sale Demonstration System is a fully operational version of the Point of Sale portion of Flight-Sheets (log in as an Administrator/Dispatcher (Client ID 1 or 2) using the password password.
  • The Aircraft Status Board provides Dispatch, Renters, and Students a quick picture of aircraft flight and maintenance status.


User ID 1 or 2
Password: password

Flight Instructor

User ID 3, 4, 5 or 6
Password: password


User ID 7, 8, 9 or 10
Password: password

The demonstration system is reset nightly.

Pricing: A Pay-As-You-Go Approach

/ booking

  • Flight-Sheets uses a simple set price-per-bookings-slot model of
    5¢ per 30 minute booking slot.
  • Fees for Cancelled Flights Removed - You only pay for 'real' bookings.
  • Monthly fees can never exceed the Monthly Cap.
  • Fully Cloud-based System - no local infrastructure required.
  • Integrated Electronic Daily Flight Sheets and Point of Sale modules included at no extra cost.
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